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Cosmic Cheerleaders

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Cosmic Cheerleaders Science Fiction And Fantasy
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This is a group for women to discuss and celebrate the strong female role models of science fiction
This is a community for women to discuss and celebrate the strong female role models of science fiction and fantasy, as well as any other subjects that might crop up.
Here on LiveJournal, we're the sister community of the original Yahoo! Group HERE.
We are interested in genre TV, books and movies, and anything SF&F is fair game here. We love deep, considered discussions about the role of women in the genre, but equally we are interested to know which Doctor Who companion had the best shoes.
All female SF&F fans are very welcome here, as well as male fans who are interested in looking at the genre from a female perspective.

If there's anything you would like to know about the community, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
deccaboo, seti_fan and cosmic_llin are your Listmamas, so if you have any further questions, ask them!
Next, you might like to visit the Welcome Post, or see other members' Introductions before getting stuck in!
Have fun!


1. This is a community for all age-groups, and as such only material suitable for viewing by minors should be posted. This means no indecent pictures, no swearing in posts, and no posting of fanfiction over a PG-13.
2. Respect your fellow community members! No flaming or bitching, please. Disagreements about characters and shows are fine, and they make life more interesting, but please don’t let things get personal.
3. Actors and characters are not the same thing. Reasonable criticism of characters is welcome, but please don’t make nasty comments about the actresses who portray the characters we discuss. It’s just not nice.
4. Large pictures, or large quantities of pictures, should be placed under an LJ cut. For picspams, please put only one picture outside the cut. For icon posts, put up to three icons outside the cut.
5. If you have any fanfiction, fanart or other creations to share, we'd love to hear about it, but please link to them instead of posting them directly to the community.
6. All spoilers should be clearly marked and put under an LJ cut.
7. Within the above guidelines, anything relating to the women of science fiction and fantasy, and their role in the genre, is fair game for posting – including discussion, pictures, icons, questions, polls and news items.